Are You Experiencing Tradie Burnout?

Are You Experiencing Tradie Burnout?

Are you finding yourself drained physically and mentally after a long bloody day on the tools? If you’re finding yourself arguing with the missus after work, working long hours on the reg or as much fun to be around as clapping sh*t then you’re probably experiencing burn out. Other signs to look for are:

● Extreme fatigue
● Bad memory and short temper
● Little to no self-care
● Constant stress

But how do you manage this? WELL READ ON MATE!

Let’s start with what you actually want.


● Flexible working hours
● More family time
● Reduce your 70 hour week
● Time with the missus
● To focus on your health

No one likes spending all night doing paperwork, but what else can you do to ease up? Ask yourself these questions:

● Do I actually love my business?
● When was the last time I made time for myself?
● Am I just chasing profit?


Take time to sit down and make a list of your wants, do you have a business partner or spouse you can brainstorm with?

Have a good look at how you are actually doing, then decide what changes you can make.

Remember why you started your business, was it to achieve a work/life balance?

Setting time aside for yourself is vital for both your professional and personal life, check out our blog posts on maintaining your physical and mental health.

For other resources, check out:
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