Our Story

We make hand repair cream for men. Aussie Men. Tradies. Good eggs.

And it just bloody works.


The Aussie Man Hands journey started back in 2016 when Jake, a plumber from Canberra, got a nasty infection through a cut in his hand and nearly lost his arm.

Jake was lucky.

The docs worked their magic and his arm was saved, but they left him with an important message.

“Look after your hands Jake!”

“Don’t risk this happening again Jake.”

As you can imagine, Jake’s partner Belinda was beside herself with worry and Jake’s mum Maree, well she was quickly a mum on a mission!

Maree and Belinda got cream after cream and Jake rejected the lot of them.

“too greasy”

“too smelly"

For Maree, the response was obvious – they’d have to nail their own

Eighteen months of testing and tweaking and more testing, led to the no-fuss, rippa formula that’s now soothing the dry rough hands of tradies all over the world.

Now you and tradies everywhere get the benefits of their hard work:

Hand cream for tradies, without the fuss!


  aussie man hands - hand cream for men with dry cracked hands