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Free Shipping on all orders over $40.00
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Natural Ingredients. Vegan. Cruelty free.
Natural Ingredients. Vegan. Cruelty free.

Can't find a solution for those dry, rough, hands? We found it for you!

natural ingredient, non-greasy, no-fuss hand repair cream for hard working Aussie men

What Our Customers Say

Just a quick note about Aussie Man Hands. I've been using/trying all sorts of products over the years as a boilermaker but my hands were still hard and would crack and be very sore. Since using Aussie Man Hands I have not had this problem and would recommend it to ALL tradesmen to get it and try. You will not regret it.

Andy Verified Customer

My parents recently saw your product on a morning show and decided to purchase it for me. After suffering with dry hands, split fingers and skin like sandpaper, I have finally found a product that does what it says. For 25 years I have battled this problem and have tried every product available. Within days I noticed a significant difference and cannot speak highly enough of your product. Please keep up the good work because it has made a massive difference to my life.

Damian Verified Customer

Cannot recommend this product enough. My partner has suffered from severe dermatitis all his life and works with lots of drying sprays and broken glass with his job, so his hands are always a mess. He has only used this product for a week and we have seen a huge improvement.

Michelle Verified Customer

Excellent and prompt
service with a product to match. Perfect. I suffer from
psoriasis mainly to my hands and your product is perfect for relief. I’ve tried
many products and will definitely stick with this absolute Rippa of a product!

Dean Verified Customer

Love this product. Prompt and friendly service
and beautifully packaged. The perfect gift for the hardworking (or hard to buy for) tradie in your life!

Liz Verified Customer

Great hand cream! Bought this for my tradie husband who has been through every cream under the sun and finally we have one he likes! Bought extras for his team who also give it 5 stars too. Thank you!!

Sheree Verified Customer

Aussie Man Hands is an amazing product! It's popular with my gift shop customers actively seeking it out, and my bar staff in the pub swear by it. Don't hesitate to buy this, it's great!!

Alexis Verified Customer

Hi, I recently bought more hand cream for my partner who is a concreter, and it is the only hand cream that works. I have also recently been telling all our subcontractors about this so thanks again!

Anne-Marie Verified Customer

Definitely the most successful product helping my husband's dried and cracked chippy hands. Now keep a constant supply.

Jacqui Verified Customer

I purchased Aussie Man Hands not knowing anything about the product for my husband's rough, tough skin and it's amazing. Fallen in love and won't buy anything else. Thank you Aussie Man Hands, you've got it spot on!

Helen Verified Customer

Fantastic product, left my hands smooth with no greasy residue to wipe off. Just a great product.

Ben Verified Customer

This is hands down (pun intended) the best hand cream I've ever tried. My hands were cracking up really badly from dryness - and I'm not even a tradie! I'm a convert!

Simon Verified Customer

Non-greasy, so I'm happy with that.

Paul Verified Customer

Unbelievable! Love the products, soaps smell amazing.. thanks guys. Will order again 100%

Shaun Verified Customer


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