We have a #AMHChallenge over on Instagram to showcase our clients’ successes with our hand cream! Here is a small selection of the transformations:

“10 day challenge complete. I used Aussie Man Hands everyday for 10 days and this is the result. Softer calluses, revitalised skin and less damage. To say this is a transformation is an understatement.”


"My hands are definitely softer than they were before I started using the product. I like the product itself, it is nourishing and nice to use after a hard day's work when my hands feel at their worst."


Charlie works in hospitality and all the consistent hand washing and kitchen work was wrecking her hands. She started using Aussie Man Hands and well, that's some pretty good results hey?


"The biggest plus is it doesn't sting the inflamed broken skin at all."

I knew it would be great but I'm really shocked at how quickly it's working. I expected at least a week. The biggest plus is it doesn't sting the inflamed broken skins at all. Even water when bathing the kids or doing the dishes is like pulling teeth. The steroid cream I usually use really stings on application and doesn't produce even close to what AMH has. You have a gold mine of revenue if you can get it listed under Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).


I have been buying your hand cream for my husband (who is a Plumber) but also used it myself when I ran out of my “womens” one. Let me tell you, it is the best hand cream I have EVER used!! I am going to use your packs as gifts for birthdays and Christmas this year – I am completely converted.

Lisa, Hot & Cold Plumbing and Gasfitting


I have given this wonderful cream to so many friends and tradies, as we are builders. You need to brand one for the ladies! I go through a lot of this as I LOVE it. I haven’t found any cream that is as good on my legs and arms….and hands as this cream. I have tried so many different moisturisers for my legs and nothing is as good as your cream!!!!!

Kylie, Pacific Project Consultants


I recently received my purchase of Aussie Man Hands. My partner has struggled with dermatitis in two fingers for a while now and his doctor has recommended keeping his hands moisturised at all times to no avail we have struggled finding a suitable moisturiser.

I arranged for my partner and my tradie son to get together this afternoon to present them with their ‘gifts’ and told them of Jake’s story. I was not sure they would not be sold on the idea but they both immediately smelt it and rub some in their hands. They were amazed it didn’t smell like girl hand cream, was not greasy and instantly their hands felt good. I am so glad I ordered the three pack because I love it too for my hands.

Karen Weatherall


I have suffered for years with dermatitis, cracked skin and sandpaper hands and up until now i have not found a product that has provided me with any other relief. I love the non-greasy feel and almost instant relief that Aussie Man Hands provide. For me, the product works fast and due to it being non-greasy I can apply throughout the day if needed. Keep up the great work!



What a great product. Every winter I suffer with dried, cracked, painful hands and occasional dermatitis. I ordered some of this through desperation and wow what a difference it has made. I prefer to call it Aussie Lady Hands! Thanks for such a top product!



Cannot recommend these products enough. They are simply amazing. The moisturiser has helped with eczema, even more so than using a cortisone cream Very happy.

Michelle Robins


What an amazing product. Protects hands from harsh chemicals. Prevents all types of dermatitis and skin allergies. Could'nt recommend it enough brilliant stuff.

Matthew Bartley-Sullivan

"I've tried many products and will definitley stick with this absolute rippa of a product."

Excellent and prompt service with a product to match. Perfect. I suffer from psoriasis mainly to my hands and your product is perfect relief. I've tried many products and will definitley stick with this absolute rippa of a product.

Dean Mulligan

"my dermatologist is absolutley gobsmacked."

You know your product really works and is awesome when you tell your colleague about it, they're skeptical, but tell you they brought some, have been using it for a few days and absolutley love it! I love it too. Has really cleared up my excema, my dermatologist is absolutley gobsmacked, yeah I still have flair ups every now and then, but generally my hands are so much better!!

Andrew Hill

"OMG - AMAZING!!! It's now my new secret weapon for teat damage and abrasions."

So, as you know, I love your product but this time I've used it for something a little different!

We've currently got a cow who's has a mild bout of photosensitivity, which has basically resulted in her getting a severe sunburn on the light/white part of her udder and teats.

Usually the only topical treatment we use is the Derisal Zinc Cream, but it doesn't soak in, just coats and protects Very slow results.

Anyway, knowing how well your product works on people I decided to sacrifice my 'dairy' tub to see how it'd work on this poor girl. OMG - AMAZING!!! It's now my new secret weapon for teat damage and abrasions. Thank you!


"Amazing cream that isn't greasy and dries nicely."

Fantastic product! I purchased it got my dad originally since he's a super hard-working tradie, but I ended up pinching it for myself and using it. Needless to say, we currently own three pots now. One for me, one for Dad and Mum even likes it. Amazing cream that isn't greasy and dries nicely. My hands are amazing. 

Karen Waller

"I very rarely write reviews, but this stuff definitely deserved one, it’s amazing!"

I very rarely write reviews, but this stuff definitely deserved one, it’s amazing! Only arrived yesterday and I can already see and feel the difference. So many hand creams out there supposedly for "man hands" that don’t perform any better than normal hand creams. Aussie Man Hands did not let me down! Also liked the touch of the personal, handwritten, thank you card. Makes you feel really appreciated as a customer.

Cheryl Warland

"Love this product and I have never used anything like it!!"

The non-greasy formula is EXCELLENT. I can use this at work and know it won't affect my grip or make my work gloves slimy. I use it at home and can do anything after without the worry of getting "moisturiser" on everything. My partner, who is a teacher and volunteer, uses this EVERY DAY! I can't get him to commit to ANYTHING every day, but the non greasy, non-girly smelling product has him sold as well. Love this product and I have never used anything like it!!

Ally Nakada

"I'm always telling friends about this product."

Absolutely love this product. helped repair torn calluses and reduced the length of pain meaning I could get back to my day-to-day routine. I'm always telling friends about this product.

Adam Kohli

"My tradie husband who has been through every cream under the sun and finally we have one he likes!!"

Great hand cream! Brought this for my tradie husband who has been through every cream under the sun and finally we have one he likes!! Brought extras for his team who all give it 5 stars too. Thank you!!

Sheree Bradfield

"Very easy to rub in and not greasy at all."

Not your average hand cream! No floral smells, just a hint of scent. Very easy to rub in and not greasy at all. After trying other types of cream that didn't really do much, I looked for something better. I noticed the difference in my hands in a very short time. The cracks and splitting disappeared making my hands far less painful. I have been really happy with the results. Will not be without this hand cream again.

Ben Van Trigt

"The lip protection is keeping his lips smooth and kissable."

Works really well his hands feel soft they look great and he smells amazing too. The lip protection is keeping his lips smooth and kissable. FANTASTIC products. We love them thank you.