Here are some of the most frequently asked questions

What makes Aussie Man Hands so damn good?

Many things grasshopper.

Could be the nourishing natural ingredients like Shea Butter and Jojoba oil…
Could be the perfect, non-greasy texture…
Could be that it has no harsh irritants…
Could be that it was formulated especially for the tough skin on men's hands…
Could be that a little bit goes a long way…

Probably is that it just bloody works and tradies everywhere love it.


What does it smell like?

We like to leave the floral scents to the ladies. Aussie Man Hands has a very light cedarwood fragrance.

We’d describe it as barely there, manly AF.


Do you test on animals?

Many tradies gladly volunteered to be our test animals – we all know Tradies can be animals sometimes. Aussie Man Hands is tradie approved.

No actual animals were harmed in the making of Aussie Man Hands


Where is Aussie Man Hands manufactured?

Right here in Australia mate! Run by a proud Aussie tradie family, Aussie Man Hands products are manufactured in Sydney. When we say Aussie – we mean Aussie.


Where can I find out the ingredients in Aussie Man Hands?

Our ingredients page here has all the details of every ingredient in Aussie Man Hands. We've got nothing to hide with our natural formula.


Does Aussie Man Hands contain any animal derived ingredients?

Nope! Not only does Aussie Man Hands not test the natural formula on animals, the hand cream is 100% vegan with zero animal derived ingredients.


Will Aussie Man Hands leave my hands feeling greasy or sticky?

No way! Our research showed hand cream that is non-greasy was a top priority for tradies. You want hand cream to sink in quickly with no sticky or slimy residue - so you can keep working. Aussie Man Hands soaks right in, no oil slicks.


Why do I need to use hand cream?

When you work with your hands every day it is important to practice good hand care! After long days on the tools, your hands can end up dry and cracked – especially in winter - which makes them susceptible to infection (not to mention painful!) No-one likes infections, or (dry sandpapery hands), so do yourself a favour and get some Aussie Man Hands onya!


Who created Aussie Man Hands?

Aussie Man Hands is run by a proud Aussie tradie family. Read the bloody awesome story of how Canberra Mum (and legend) Maree Gregory tweaked and tested Aussie Man Hands to get the perfect formula when she couldn’t find anything that worked for her tradie son’s hands.


Where can I buy Aussie Man Hands?

You get it right here on this fine website and at Hip Pocket stores around Australia. See our stockists page to find the deets of stockists near you.


Do you ship Aussie Man Hands outside Australia?

Of course, no worries mate! We ship internationally for a flat rate of $15 or FREE for orders over $75. Howzat!


Are you planning to expand the Aussie Man Hands range?

A legendary Aussie Man Hands industrial strength hand cleaner and some bloody brilliant scrub soaps are in the works and coming soon. Join our email list to be the first one to know.


I’m a chippie, is Aussie Man Hands suitable for me?



I’m a plumber, is Aussie Man Hands suitable for me?

Sure is


I’m a landscaper, is Aussie Man Hands suitable for me?

You’ll love it


I wash my hands 50 times a day for work, is Aussie Man Hands suitable for me?

You bet!


I’m a farmer, is Aussie Man Hands suitable for me?


I’m a mechanic, is Aussie Man Hands suitable for me?

Oh yeah, you'll love it!


I’m a construction worker, is Aussie Man Hands suitable for me?

100% mate


I’m a gym rat and my hands are messed up, is Aussie Man Hands suitable for me?

Indeed it is


I’m a concreter, is Aussie Man Hands suitable for me?



I’m a hospitality worker, is Aussie Man Hands suitable for me?

Uh-huh 👍


I’m a welder, is Aussie Man Hands suitable for me?

I mean we could do this all day... but yep, it is perfect for you!


I’m not a man, so is Aussie Man Hands suitable for me?

Whilst it was formulated specifically for men’s hands… shhh here’s a secret, it works great for women’s hands too and becoming a bit of a cult fav!


If your question hasn’t been answered, please feel free to send message via carrier pidgeon to Aussie Man Hands HQ in Canberra.

Or if you’ve got no spare pigeons, just contact us here