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Most frequently asked questions


Could be the nourishing natural ingredients like Shea Butter and Jojoba oil…

Could be the perfect, non-greasy texture…

Could be that it has no harsh irritants…

Could be that it was formulated especially for the tough skin on men's hands…

Could be that it just works....

Healthy hands are everything if you’re a tradie. Aussie Man Hands is the perfect hand repair cream, providing just the right protection for construction workers. Tested and tweaked by real tradespeople, it gets the thumbs up because it works hard for you – it’s moisturising, non-greasy and quickly absorbed into the skin. Good hand care reduces the risk of infection and other potentially nasty conditions.


(aka, a very light, barely there, cedarwood fragrance)

We all know your mate Dave can be a bit of an animal, but unless he's tested our products, the answer is absolutely no. Not now. Not ever.

It's AUSSIE Man Hands, remember? Right here in Sydney.

Our ingredients page here has all the details of every ingredient in Aussie Man Hands. We've got nothing to hide with our natural ingredient formula.


While a bit of grease from the work site only adds to your street cred, greasy hands are a 'no'. It soaks right into these things called 'pores' you have in your skin. Get quickly back to work without worrying about slick hands.

Look, we'll keep this brief and to the point.

You need your hands to make money (and also other things).

Dry, cracked hands are uncomfortable. They're painful. Worst of all, they are a petri dish for bacteria. Bacteria can lead to infection. Infection can lead to time of work. Even more than that, infection can lead to conditions such as Cellulitis. Severe cases of Cellulitis can lead to amputation of the limb.

Got it?

Maree did. Jake's mum Maree. Read the epic story of how it came to be right here.

Here, obviously. If you don't want to wait, you can check our list of stockists and find one near you.

Sure do! Flat rate of $15 (AUD) or free on orders over $75

I’m not a man, can I still use your products?

Of course! Just watch out for extra hair on your chin....

I don't work in construction. Does that matter?

Hell no.... nurses, hospo workers, farmers and florists are all huge buyers and supporters. We don't discriminate.

Any more questions?

Send them to or call Maree at smoko 0424590014