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How to Look After Your Physical Health - Tradie Edition


Working bloody hard in long hours, and especially in the hot Aussie Summer can put a lot of strain on your physical health. Despite tradies making up only 30% of the Australian workforce, 60% of serious workplace injuries involve a tradie.

Have a look at these simple, no fuss tips to keep yourself and your mates in good nick:

Eat Better, Work Harder

It won’t surprise you that tradies froth over pies and energy drinks, but these servo staples won’t help you to get through the day in the long run. You really are what you eat, so skip the servo, and pack yourself a healthy lunch with plenty of greens (no, Monster doesn’t count). It’s easier now than ever to eat healthy with supermarkets providing healthier options.

Hydration Is Key

This isn’t ground breaking news, sugary drinks aren’t good for you. Shocking we know. An energy drink or a cold one at the end of the day, while refreshing, won’t keep you hydrated. Keeping your fluids up during work is vital, be prepared and keep a big bottle or two of water with you at all times. If you hate the taste of water, keeping quality electrolyte drinks in your bag is the key to ensuring you stay hydrated. Or convince your Safety Officer to hand out electrolyte ice pops.

Take Breaks

How many times have you skipped smoko or lunch to get the job done? If you often push yourself too bloody hard, without recharging, your concentration and energy levels will go to shit. This can seriously put yourself and others, at risk of making mistakes.

Rest Up

If you need an excuse to rest up, this is it. Getting quality sleep is vital for your physical and mental well-being, it resets your mind and repairs your body. Poor quality sleep can lead to fatigue, short temper, poor judgement and can damage your physical health. Get at least 8 hours of good sleep and your body and mind will thank you!