Hand Repair Cream for Tradies 80g

Hydrating and repairing hand cream for hard working tradies.

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"Non greasy, smells great. Completely transformed my hands!" Brent W

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Hand Repair Cream for Tradies 80g
Hand Repair Cream for Tradies 80g
Hand Repair Cream for Tradies 80g
Hand Repair Cream for Tradies 80g
Hand Repair Cream for Tradies 80g
Hand Repair Cream for Tradies 80g
Hand Repair Cream for Tradies 80g
Hand Repair Cream for Tradies 80g
Hand Repair Cream for Tradies 80g
Hand Repair Cream for Tradies 80g

Transforming Tradies Hands!

Our Mission is to repair dry, calloused and sand paper hands!
  • Deeply Hydrating Yet Non-Greasy
  • No Girly Smell
  • So good your whole family will try and nick it
  • All natural, no crap ingredients

From our customers

Fantastic hand cream, left my hands smooth with no greasy residue to wipe off at the end and helped smooth out my calluses. Just a great product.

Ben Thomas Alan

Absolutely love this product. Helped repair torn calluses and reduced the length of pain meaning I could get back to my day-to- day routine. Always telling friends about this product.

Adam Kohli

The best hand cream I've tried so far - the smell, the texture, how the skin reacts to it - fantastic. And the most important - it actually works!

Ivan Petrov

Definitely the most successful product helping my husband’s dried and cracked chippy hands. Now keep a constant supply.


The 4 Tradies in our house swear by Aussie Man Hands - always a tub sitting on the kitchen bench and gets used constantly.

Kim Nelson

Smells great and great looking tub. Using this hand cream is just awesome, cracks in the hands are gone the next morning, non-greasy and leaves the hands feeling great.

Michael Hutchinson

Now that’s a hand cream! At this stage can’t fault it. Revives the hands.

Grant Richie

Fantastic product! Highly recommended to relieve dry, cracked hard working hands! Superfast posting! Well done!!

Karen Murray

What a great product. Every winter I suffer with dried, cracked, painful and occasional dermatitis. I ordered some of this through desperation and wow what a difference it has made.

Michelle Vincent

After suffering with dry hands, split fingers and skin like sandpaper, I have finally found a product that does what it says. Within days I noticed a significant difference and cannot speak highly enough of your product.

Damian Brown

I have been buying your handcream for my husband (who is a plumber) but also used it myself when I ran out of my “womans” one. Let me tell you, it is the best hand cream I have ever used!!

Lisa From Hot & Cold Plumbing and Gasfitting

tried + tested

Over 20,000 tubs sold to tradies. We must be doing something right!

good for you

All natural ingredients, free from sulphites and parabens. Cruelty free.

so good you'll need to lock it in your toolbox

Your missus will try and nick it, so keep it in your tool box under lock and key.


This is not hand cream.

It's fork oil.

Oil for the forks on the end of your arms. The ones that hold your meat pie and tie down a trailer load (she ain't goin' nowhere, right?)

Those forks are also the most important multi-tool you have. You can't work without them, and you sure as hell shouldn't run them down yo woman if they are in bad shape!

Cracked, dry, sandpaper hands are more than just uncomfortable. They're a manhole for bacteria.

Bacteria = bad.

Bacteria = infection.

Infection = time off work.

Infection sometimes = amputation (not kidding). Read the AMH story here. 

Aussie Man Hands is the PPE you didn't realise you needed. It works, it's not at all greasy, and it doesn't smell like your nanna's blouse.

You probably don't care what's in it, but tell your missus it's a natural ingredient hand repair cream with shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamins A, D and E. All the goodies and no baddies.

Chuck one in the truck, one in the toolbox and one at your apprentice when he forgets to measure twice, cut once. 

Go on. Add to cart. You won't be sorry. 


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No parabens or harsh irritants. And all those ingredients with long and hard to pronounce names are either preservatives, skin conditioners or vitamins. No nasties here.

Plus Aussie Man Hands is vegan and is never tested on animals!

Shea butter, Jojoba Oil, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Phenoxethanol, Tocopheryl acetate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Disodium EDTA, Dl-alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate, Cedrus Atlantica Oi

What does this cream smell like?

Manhood. Aka a very light, barely there cedarwood fragrance.

Where is Aussie Man Hands manufactured?

Its Aussie Man Hands remember, so right here in Sydney, Australia!

Is the hand cream vegan?

Yep, it sure is, and another question we get asked, do we test on animals? Well, we all know your mate Dave can be a bit of an animal, but unless he's tested our products, the answer is absolutely no. Not now. Not ever.

Will this hand cream feel greasy?

While a bit of grease from the work site only adds to your street cred, greasy hands are a 'no'. It soaks right into these things called 'pores' you have in your skin. Get quickly back to work without worrying about slick hands. No grease here.

Why do I need to use this hand cream?

Look, we'll keep this brief and to the point.

You need your hands to make money (and also other things).

Dry, cracked hands are uncomfortable. They're painful. Worst of all, they are a petri dish for bacteria. Bacteria can lead to infection. Infection can lead to time of work. Even more than that, infection can lead to conditions such as Cellulitis. Severe cases of Cellulitis can lead to amputation of the limb.

Got it?

I’m not a man, can I still use your products?

Of course! Some of our best clients are tradie ladies. We love them dearly. We didn’t make our creams girly though because there are 10,000 creams already made for the ladies hands. And almost none made for the men. So, this one’s for the men. And the women who want to use it. Oh, and we have lots of dogs and cows who appreciate a bit of our cream on their feet too. Spread the love around.

I’m not a tradie, can I still use your cream?

Hell yes.... nurses, hospo workers, farmers and florists are all huge buyers and supporters. We don't discriminate.

I’m an Aussie in heart but not in location, do you ship outside of Australia?

Sure do! We offer a flat rate of $20 to send our hand creams anywhere in the world.

Any more questions we haven’t answered?

Just click on the live chat tab or email us – hello@aussiemanhands.com