Tradie Secrets

Tradie Secrets

You can’t beat having a cold one with a tradie and hearing all the tradie secrets. We’ve complied some tradie secrets that the general public may not know! (No names, sorry Work Safe).

“You can learn a mad amount of knowledge straight off YouTube when it comes to carpentry. I'll willingly admit to checking out a few videos here or there to get the memory back in order if I haven't done a certain job in a while. 17 years as a carpenter.”

“If you lock yourself out of your house and have aluminium windows, it's cheaper to call a Glazier to take out a piece of glass than getting a locksmith.”

“We don’t always know exactly what we’re doing. It’s kinda impossible to know everything or to have done every single aspect of the job. As they say, there’s a first time for everything, and sometimes unfortunately, that’s while doing a job that you’re paying for.”

“Ex Auto Door tech here - I would have completed about 70% of the compliance check or fault check just by walking through the door to go sign in, people would complain that we were too quick to do the job properly, so we started doing other stuff while there just to pad it out a bit (extra cleaning, banging random things with a crescent etc)

 Also, the cost price for auto door parts is very low, resale has a massive markup and nobody haggles the price.”

 "You remember that toddlers toy where you put the pegs in the different shaped holes?

  1. Got a square hole? Use a square peg.
  2. Got a different shape of hole? Cut a square hole around it then go back to 1).”

“Automotive trade. Don't take your car to those cheap oil and filter special shops. They make their money by getting your car through as fast as possible and they overlook heaps of important checks that workshops normally do as part of a proper service.

 A workshop will advise you of things that will need attention and it will save you money in the long run. If you do find yourself short of money at least do one full service between budget services.”