My Apprentice Experience - Jordan

My Apprentice Experience - Jordan

Name: Jordan

Age: 23

Trade: First Year Apprentice studying Marine Mechanical Technology


How did you find your apprenticeship?

I found my apprenticeship through my uncle. He knew someone that worked with boat motors and they were looking for an apprentice. I’ve been working with boat motors with my dad since I can remember so it looked like a good fit.


How long did it take to find your apprenticeship?

I put in my resume, they gave an interview and I did a bit of work experience for them. Ever since then I fell in love with the job and luckily they gave me the job.


What are some of the tasks you perform each day?

Seeing I’m a first year, it’s more of a stand back and see how the tools are used, see how the motors work properly, if there’s any issues they show me how to fix them. The first year is more about learning than getting hands on. However, I’m looking forward to the hands on work later on in the course.


When you complete your apprenticeship, where do you hope it will take you?

I really hope when my apprenticeship is finished I can stay in this industry. Because I work on motors in my spare time so this combines both my hobby and work.


Are there any skills or knowledge which would be helpful for an apprentice in this field?

For those wanting to get into mechanical side of the apprenticeship, you have to know the basic terms and how mechanical things work, you don’t have to be around it all of your life, just be around engines to start. Know how they work a little bit. If you know the basics then where ever you go, the company will help level up your knowledge every day, every week and before you know it you will know everything to do with engines.


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