Apprentice Series - Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Apprentice

Apprentice Series - Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Apprentice

You’ve just got your new apprentice onboard, but are you completely prepared? It’s vital to put in effort into your apprentice, they represent your business, your work ethic and even how you yourself treat others.

Here’s our top tips:

Create A Welcoming Environment

It’s important that you brief your team so they understand the value of having an apprentice. The first day is going to be nerve racking so prepare your team to provide a warm welcome. This will help with any nerves and put your apprentice at ease.

Set Clear Goals

Your apprentice is more likely to achieve their goals if you set clear benchmarks. Set your objectives right from the start, consider having weekly/monthly reviews and check ins. Even better if your apprentice can communicate their own goals.


As soon as your apprentice starts, it’s vital that you lay it all out on the table so they know exactly what your expectations are. Explain things like how much time they’ll get for learning, how you’re going to support them and as well as who their line manager and mentor will be.

Focus On Their Development

An apprentice isn’t just for the apprenticeship, research has shown that apprentices remain one of the most loyal members of your team. The more they learn, the more you get out of them. Giving your apprentice the study time, and flexible working hours so they can really achieve their goals and try new skills. They could be with you for their whole career.

Be Supportive

Some apprentices might find it hard to ask for help, make sure they know where to turn to for support. Many of them might be re-entering the education system for the first time in years, or they might be fresh out of school. Remember that one day, you too were brand new to this career path so practise what you preach.

Provide Praise

An apprenticeship isn’t an easy feat. So, when they shine at a work task or get a good mark or reach a milestone in their programme, recognise it, and celebrate with them.



If you're interested in providing additional support to your apprentice check out these resources:

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