5 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Will Love You Using Hand Repair Cream

5 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Will Love You Using Hand Repair Cream

Unlock the secret to a happy relationship with hand cream! Discover why your girl will thank you for smoother, softer touches. Read on!


Look, we blokes aren't exactly known for our diligent self-care routines. 

You won't catch the average bloke debating the merits of exfoliation or eyeing a bougie vanilla-scented candle. I mean, what happens on-site, stays on-site, and each to their own. What you get up to in your container office on break is your business.

That said, there's one thing even we can't deny when it comes to smooth self-care, and that's the supernatural powers of hand cream.

We know, we know - you're probably wondering why on earth you'd need hand cream? Sit tight, cobber. You're about to find out why slapping on some good ol' hand cream could change the game and may even be the secret sauce to a happy relationship.

No More Snagging Skin

Ever tried to cop a feel with hands as dry as the Outback during bushfire season? 

Not exactly a recipe for success. 

We all love the callouses that prove we work for a living, but your Sheila wouldn't be too stoked having the dainty skin that she's spent hours creaming up and slapping mud or whatever all over snagged every time you hold hands. 

Hand cream moisturises and softens your skin, turning your sandpaper mitts into smooth operators. 

Winner of Hand-Holding Battles

Seemingly endless sweaty palm battles ain't fun for anyone. 

Picture this: no more premature release of her hand because you turned the romance into a hand sauna. That's right, mate. Using hand cream can give your hands a better grip, meaning you can hold on for longer. And she won't get grossed out by bumpy blisters.

Who knows, this new romantic you are sure to set the stage for more than just hand-holding, you romantic devil you.

Massages with Moisturising Abilities

Ever given her a massage and felt like you were trying to knead dough with a pair of bricks? 

No more. 

Applying a splash of hand cream before you start not only shows you thought ahead but also helps reduce friction, meaning your hands glide over her skin like hot butter on toast. 

And remember moisturised hands = longer massages = more lovings for BOTH of you.

Seems legit, right? Who can argue with that math?

Hand Cream Sharing is Caring

So, you're out on a date and notice your lady's hands are drier than a cork hat. Seeing that little squirm she does when she notices and feels at a loss to do anything about it. Sort her out and flick her your hand cream. 

What could scream more that you're a bloke who's prepared? And, you're not just looking out for your own mitts, but hers too. 

Plus, if she forgets her hand cream, there's her knight in armour, ready with a tube of 'Aussie Man Hands.' 

Can you feel that? That's you scoring major brownie points.

Protector of Manly Hands

Pro-level advice here, gentlemen: caring for your hands isn't just for your benefit. 

It's safe, sane and seriously attractive—in a responsible, mature adult kind of way. Who'd have thunk? It's like protecting your tool kit, but instead, it's your hands. You wouldn't let your tools rust, so why treat your hands differently?

Sure, we get it. 

Hand cream might sound as blokey as a ballet shoe at first. We assure you, it's far from it. 

The next time you dismiss hand care as only for the ladies, remember your Sheila arguing against those snaggy, crispy, very un-romantic hands of yours. So, here's some food for thought: pick up that tube of Aussie Man Hands

We’ve got several options to choose from, and don’t worry, it’s fragrance-free, all-natural (none of that artificial crap here), and with over 20,000 tubs of the stuff sold, you know you’re in trusted hands (heh).

One little squeeze could be the ticket to treating your mitts and your partner right. She'll thank you for it, and you can thank us later. Trust us, we’ve read our reviews. We know this stuff works.

Now, get out there and make every touch count — you've got this, mate!