15 Tradie Moments From 2020

15 Tradie Moments From 2020

Let’s face it, 2020 was a crock of shite in nearly every way. But if there’s anything that helped our twisted minds through it all, was the memes and videos. Will historians look back at 2020 internet content the same way as we study ancient hieroglyphs? We like to think so. As people all over the world adjusted to staying at home and social distancing, Twitter and Instagram was blessed with possibly the most batshit crazy content we’ve ever seen.


Long live the meme! Truly a bright light in a dark world.

  1. We’re pretty sure we’ve all had a play with equipment we really shouldn’t be messing with. But this bloke took it to a whole other level!

  2. Whoever thinks getting a slab in at lunchtime is on a whole other level of feral (unless it’s Friday, then he’s a legend)
  3. Getting ripped on is a right of passage for any apprentice. Sorry boys, we’re not stopping anytime soon! Source: Tradie Mayhem

  4. A vital part of Tradie life is taking the absolute piss out of each other. Can you spot your trade? Sorry, not sorry tilers!

  5. We really don’t need to say much about this one. We’re watching you lot.

  6. Hide your daughters from this one boys!
  7. What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve done when your boss has walked past?

  8. The absolute genius method from these blokes.

  9. We couldn’t have just one Spot Your Trade video. How accurate is yours?

  10. Did you really have a Tradie Dad if you didn’t hear this all the bloody time?

  11. We had to put this champs work in. More satisfying than cracking up a coldie with the boys on a Saturday!

  12. We’re sure we’ve all thought we were the dog’s bollocks when we first started!

  13. Ssssshh we won’t tell your missus

  14. We can watch these videos all day, B E A UTIFUL!

  15. Who said that tradies can’t be softies?? (Don’t worry, we can still skull a beer in 3 seconds mate)