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The Apprentice | Exfoliating Natural Soap Bar 100gms

We get it, you don't want to be the apprentice again. Don't worry though, this time you won't be sweeping sawdust or doing the coffee run.

The Apprentice exfoliating soap is what you need to get rid of all the man pepper (dirt) you've collected during the day. Not quite as aggressive as The Boss soap, but still incredibly effective.

It's not drying and doesn't smell like that soap your mum made you keep in your underwear drawer in the 90s. When we finish cracking open macadamia nuts with our meat-eating teeth, we crush up the shells (barehanded, obviously). Those crushed up shells are what gives this soap its abrasiveness.


Saponified olive and coconut oil, Frankincense, Peru Balsam and Peppermint essential oils, sodium lactate, sodium gluconate, ground macadamia nutshell.

Like all our natural soaps, it won't dry your skin, it's vegan, never tested on animals and free from sulphates and palm oil. 


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